4 Ways To Grocery Shop Healthier and Be A More Effective Shopper

Looking to grocery shop healthier and financially more effective? If yes, this article will provide you information on four habits you need to start to become a highly effective grocery shopper! It is time to get started.


When shopping in the grocery store the worst thing you can do to your health and your wallet is spend money on cheap ingredients with empty calories.


One way to become a more effective grocery shopper is to pay in cash. When paying with cash the average shopper is less likely to buy processed foods, which makes the average shopper more likely to buy nutritious items. Credit card users buy more junk food and spend more on groceries.


Snack Before Shopping


Always eat before you shop. Hunger can affect your decision-making skills. When hungry you are more likely to make riskier decisions and you become less rational. You can improve your shopping rationality by eating fiber rich nuts before going to the grocery store.


Make a List and Check It Twice


Often when we do not plan, we tend to spend more time and money shopping. Make a list in advance to prevent yourself from impulse purchasing.


Use A Cart And Not A Basket


It is a wise choice to use a cart rather than a basket because a cart will not strain you like carrying a basket. A basket can become very heavy making shoppers more inclined to make quick grabs for junk foods and not pay attention to the ingredients on labels.


Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover


Always ignore the front-of-label claims and read the ingredients. Just because an item says reduced fat does not mean it’s the healthiest choice. If the first or second ingredient of the reduce fat package is sugar, it is usually not any healthier than the normal product. You can estimate the best foods to eat by the number ingredients. The fewer the ingredients and the easier the pronunciation, the healthier your groceries will be for you.


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Source: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Shoppers

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