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New Year: 4 Tips To Eating Healthier While Staying on A Budget

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Are you trying to eat healthier this new year while staying on budget? If yes, we are here to help by providing four tips on eating healthier while staying on a budget. Read below to get started.

Transitioning to a diet that is purely organic and filled with fresh foods can become pretty pricey. You can eat healthy and stay on budget by weighing in food costs as you manage your budget. You must prioritize healthy, organic and fresh foods when picking out your diet for the New Year.


Eat Less Meat

 Meat products can be very costly because of how much effort and time has to be invested in producing it. The average American citizen eats more meat than he or she really needs to stay healthy. You can stay on budget while taking care of yourself by buying high quality meat in fewer quantities. You will get all the health benefits while staying in a budget.


Buy in Bulk

 When you buy in bulk, you save money because bulks are sold at a lower price per quantity ratio. Here are just a few great food products you can buy in bulk:

Ø Pasta

Ø Dried Fruits

Ø Nuts

Ø Flours


Give Your Body The Appropriate Amount of Organic Produce

There are 12 fruits and vegetables you should purchase organically rather than fruits and vegetable pesticides.

Ø Peaches

Ø Apples

Ø Sweet Bell Peppers

Ø Celery

Ø Nectarines

Ø Strawberries

Ø Cherries

Ø Pears

Ø Grapes

Ø Imported Spinach

Ø Lettuce

Ø Potatoes


Eat Seasonally

 When you eat seasonally, your food is more inclined to taste better and be more nutritious for you. This happens because your food is not shipped from the other side of the world. Seasonal foods usually cost less. To obtain the best deals, stock up on fruits and vegetables in their natural season. You can then can preserve or freeze them for when they are not in season.


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Source: 11 Tips For Eating Healthy On a Budget