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How To Identify And Cook Steak Cuts

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


Do you know how to identify and cook steak cuts? If no, we are here to help you! Read below to learn!


Eye Round

This is an nonredeemable cut of meat. It is tasteless and tough. You can save money by buying it.


Chuck Steak

Chuck steak is the shoulder of an animal. This cut of meat has great flavors and a good balance of tenderness and toughness.  If you have a cut with a long flat bone, it originates close to where the prime rib is cut. It usually has a piece of the tender part of a rib eye. Cut the rib eye out and use the chuck steak for stew or burgers. You can freeze what you do not use for meals later.


How to Cook Your Steak Right


If you enjoy tender steaks, the best technique to use to get your cuts tender is to cook them low and slow. If you want your steaks juicy, brown your steaks on high and then heat down to a medium low and cook slowly. Make sure to turn them often.


To learn how to cook to perfection your steaks well done, medium rare or bloody rare, read this article from the Huffington post.


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