processed produce distributor, delaware, philadelphia, new jersey, baltimore, maryland, virginia, dc


These times they are a changing and so are your needs. The hardest, most consistent commodity to
find these days is HELP! But regardless of how hard it is to find, you are still charged to run your business as efficiently and profitably as possible. Prime Cuts(fresh cut produce and fruits) is your answer.


Consistent Quality!
High quality, fresh cut to order products

Consistent Yield!
Every bag yields 100% usable product. You can order exactly what you need every time.

Consistent Cost!
Due to the 100% yield you know exactly to the penny what each portion costs.

Consistent Labor Cost!
Prime Cuts comes ready to use. Minimizes prep and labor costs. Your people have the time to do other tasks.

Consistent Reduced Waste!
Precut produce is 100% usable. No excess to throw away or bulky boxes to deal with. Can literally reduce your number of trash pick-ups - how much can that save?

Reduced Extra Handling!
Everyone can handle a 3, 5 or 10 lb. bag or tub. How many can handle a 50 lb. bag or case?

Return of Much Needed Cooler Space!
Prime Cuts can save you up to 50% of cooler space. Could you use some extra-refrigerated space?

Reduced Deliveries!
With the purchase of products with 100% yield, thus giving you more storage space, you can store additional products, cutting down on your labor and invoicing costs. Also puts time back on your side.

Reduced Kitchen Accidents!
When you let our trained professionals cut it for you, it reduces your chances of someone getting hurt.

Increased Sanitation!
When it comes through the kitchen door washed, cut and plate ready, the costly clean up is reduced to a manageable number.

Specialized Divisions...

Prime Cuts
Produce processed in any way, shape or form to your specifications.

Fresh Seafood
The freshest whole, cut and portioned seafood available in the Baltimore/Washington Market Place.

Produce Cooperative that maximizes our buying power and assures you top quality and value.

Gilco Meats
The finest quality meats custom designed and packaged to meet your needs. Specialized in Angus Beef

Food Unlimited
Our trained chefs provide you the finest quality appetizers, soups, entrees, daily market salads or whatever you need - made to your recipe or ours.

Harvest Sensations
Headquarters for the finest specialty produce available.

We specialize in the marketing and distribution of products requiring special handling, frequent deliveries,
further processing and a higher level of expertise. Each of our divisions is designed to meet your particular needs.

processed produce distributor, delaware, philadelphia, new jersey, baltimore, maryland, virginia, dc

A privately held Food Service Distributor specializing in produce, meat, poultry, dairy, and seafood. Our fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks delivers daily to customers in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Delaware, Philadelphia and New Jersey.