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How To Celebrate National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
This Saturday, December 16th, is one of the greatest food holidays ever created- National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! We all love chocolate, and there’s an endless list of foods that taste delicious when covered in chocolate. We’ve put together a list of unusual foods that you may never think to dip in chocolate but taste surprisingly good, with some healthier options thrown in the mix.
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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes For Fall And Winter
Sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving classic, and it’s hard to think of another vegetable that says “fall” as much as the sweet potato does. If you’re looking for a different recipe featuring sweet potatoes this year, try making them stuffed with delicious ingredients! They’re sure to be a hit with your family this Thanksgiving, or for on any cold night this fall and winter.
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The Best Snacks To Keep You Energized All Day
As it starts to get dark around 5 pm, our bodies can’t help but start to get tired and think it’s almost time for bed, when it’s not even time for dinner. The best way to fight this tired feeling is to stay energized throughout the day with some nutrient-boosting meals and snacks, rather than caffeine and sugar that make us crash.
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