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2018 Food Trend Predictions


Every year new food trends come and go, and 2018 will be no different. The past few years have seen health-conscious food trends, with dairy alternatives and meat substitutes on the rise. 2018 looks as though it will follow that trend with a variety of vegetarian/vegan inspired foods, with plant-based protein at the top of the list.

Plant-based foods

As health-conscious eating continues to rise in the food industry, vegetarian and vegan options are becoming even more popular at restaurants and in grocery stores. Vegan cheese is already becoming more widely available at pizza shops in the U.S., and will likely be moving into many other mainstream food locations. Plant-based protein, from brands such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, are becoming extremely popular as more people switch to vegan diets, or at least make an effort to consume less meat.


From burrito bowls to poke bowls, there’s no doubt that this food trend will be continuing into 2018. Poke bowls had a spike in popularity this year, and look as though they will remain popular due to their well-rounded ingredients of fish, vegetables, and rice. These bowls are especially popular in sushi form and are easily customizable to everyone’s taste with a wide range of flavors to choose from.

Colorful Foods and Floral Flavors

Along with the trend of using healthy and natural ingredients, 2018 is going to see a lot more colorful foods. Fusion treats like beetroot lattes are expected to be popular next year, as people try more colorful and imaginative flavor combinations. Also, floral flavors such as lavender, rose, and elderflower will be adding a fresh fragrance to classic treats.


According to The BBC, 2018 is the year that tea will be more popular than coffee. Also, non-alcoholic mocktails will be more widespread, with the floral flavors listed above continuing into drinks. Whole Foods says that the mocktails will be on the rise due to health-conscious drinkers who want the look of a cocktail without the actual alcohol.


While local sourcing has been around for a while, the new trend of hyperlocal sourcing involves restaurants using foods grown right on-site. Also, more people are setting the goal to use foods grown within walking distance of their home, which in turn helps to cut down on transportation usage.

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