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2017 Food Trends

Each year brings different popular food trends. Remember the cronut? Or have you noticed the rise of the popular donut and chicken hybrid restaurant? What will be in store for this year’s food trends? Stay in the know and read on to see what 2017 food trends will get your taste buds going.

Dessert for Breakfast

We know this sounds weird, and it may be a child’s dream, but dessert for breakfast is being claimed as a trend for the year of 2017. Studies show that eating dark chocolate is beneficial to cognitive function. Eating dark chocolate for breakfast may get your creative juices flowing and ready for a productive day at work. Dark chocolate has always been the healthier option of the chocolates, and it is also claimed to be a helpful dessert choice for dieters.

Egg Yolk

If you love taking pictures of food on your phone, then you will enjoy this food trend. Try to cook your eggs over medium and not too firm to get that perfect runny egg for an Instagram food picture. There are many ways to cook an oozing egg with to enjoy an ideal meal.  Sunny side up eggs are a known as a go-to picture perfect option for breakfast, but they look delicious on a burger as well. Have fun with this option and create your own #runnyegg hashtag on social media.

Grilling with a Plancha

Grilling is going to be versatile in the year of 2017 as more globally-inspired cooking trends provide easier ways to enjoy flavorful meats. Plancha grilling is known to be used in Mexico and Spain to cook thin steaks and diced poultry. Not only can you sear meats just how you want them on a plancha, but grilling vegetables is easy too. It is made to handle a lot of sauce so don’t be afraid when adding condiments to your meats before cooking.

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