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A Brief History of Brunch

Chances are, if you are a fan of three day weekends, mimosas, Bloody Marys, or delicious breakfast food on the weekend, you have had brunch before. It combines the best of delicious lunch sandwiches and sweet breakfast pancakes into a single meal—what could be better? Here is a brief history of the meal that we all recognize today as brunch.

Historical Basis

The actual historical origin of brunch is a little fuzzy (no, not fizzy like a mimosa). Some people think that it came from English hunt breakfasts, which were luxurious and huge multi-course meals eaten midday. Others think that Sunday brunch began from Catholics fasting before attending mass and then going out for a bigger lunchtime meal afterwards. The first print usage of the word brunch was in 1895 in a Hunter’s Weekly article ironically arguing against brunch in favor of lighter pre-church meals.

Feeding Frenzy

Brunch caught on quickly in America in the 1930s, as Hollywood stars frequently stopped in Chicago while on train trips to enjoy midday meals. Hotels aggressively advertised brunch since most other restaurants closed on Sundays and it was an easy way to get business. People enjoyed sleeping in a little bit on Sundays and then meeting together to socialize and enjoy a bite to eat.

What is the Magic of Brunch?

If you’ve been to brunch, you know how magical it can feel to be seated at a table full of delicious breakfast and lunch food while sipping on a pre-afternoon cocktail. After World War II, many married women entered the workforce and needed a time to take a break from their families and socialize with their friends, like men would on a Friday or Saturday night. Sunday morning brunch became their preferred eating and meeting time. And thus, an American tradition was born!

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