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April Brings More Than Showers: The Best Fresh Foods for Healthy Eating

Spring is the easiest time of year to take stock of your eating habits and to try and include some fresh fare into your favorite meals. As April is around the corner, why not have a look at some of this month’s tastiest fresh produce and kick start a season of healthy eating for you and your family? Here are the top five most versatile veggies to get you started!


Springtime is the absolute best time of year to indulge in some delicious asparagus! Aside from being an ideal ingredient in numerous pasta dishes and side-salads, asparagus pairs well with both lemon and mint (but really, what doesn’t?) and is fantastic when roasted.


For those of you who may be uncertain how to integrate fresh vegetables into your normal diets, have no fear! Avocado’s versatility proves that it is truly the veggie for those who hate veggies. Sliced, you can add it to any sandwich or burger as an amazing cheese substitute or, go one step further and make fresh guacamole for an authentic Mexican side.


When it comes to beets, you may be skeptical about its use in spring and summer dishes, especially since they are so commonly added to winter soups and as hot side-dishes. But surprisingly, beets come into season during the month of April — and there are many amazing variations to prove their seasonal value into your healthy eating habits. Sliced, they can add a natural sweetness to any salad, and roasted, can be paired on the side of most barbeque meals.


If you or your family are a tad finicky about vegetables, broccoli can be a hard sell. But, diced and added into a fresh macaroni salad could change your tune. Or, try them roasted with olive oil and sea salt for a summer-like feel.You can also mix it up with garlic, ginger, red pepper and other strong seasonal flavors to hide the fact that it’s so good for you!

Brussels Sprouts

Although the season for Brussels sprouts is actually winding down during the spring, this is your last chance to enjoy their flavorful goodness and add them into your healthy eating habits. Forget the traditional way of boiling them down into a soggy mess — instead, try caramelizing them and roasting them as a perfect side paired with seafood! The sweet will perfectly complement the natural savouriness of shrimp, crab and salmon.

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