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Healthy Treats For Hot Summer Nights

When the weather warms up, the options for healthy seasonal fare is endless. Fruits and vegetables are easily integrated into various recipes for salads and side-dishes to match any and all entrees that you and your family and friends enjoy – barbecues and picnics alike. But, when the sun goes down and the night cools off, there’s nothing like a sweet, light dessert to complete your meal – and summer experience. But not all dessert options have to be unhealthy. Here a few fun suggestions to keep your healthy lifestyle intact satisfying your sweet tooth!

Fresh Fruits Make the Best Ingredient

You don’t need a ton of sugar to make that sweet tooth happy! Summertime brings many diverse seasonal fruits as options for your creative and delicious dessert ideas. Perhaps one of the sweetest and healthiest summer offering are strawberries – which are not only in season, but are usually lower-priced due to the time of year. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, you can not only add strawberries to a fruit salad, but serve them all on their own – either dipped in chocolate sauce and refrigerated for a cool treat, or spear them and drizzle with honey or just a touch of chocolate to make a dessert kabob.


Although summer is often closely-associated with ice cream, you can avoid more than a few calories if you opt for frozen yogurt. And best yet, you don’t need to make your favorite frozen yogurt flavor the center of the dessert itself – use just a small amount as a dipping sauce alongside strawberries, freshly-cut watermelon, or drizzled on top of blueberries or raspberries for a refreshingly cool dessert that can be easily packed for an on-the-go picnic!


And if the summer nights are truly hot, there’s the easiest option of all – making any refreshing beverage into a popsicle. Your mom may have taught you this trick, but there’s nothing like a classic. Just take some fresh orange juice and freeze it in your ice cube tray, being sure to pop a swizzle stick in each one before freezing.


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