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Helpful Tips for the Beginner Vegan

Veganism is quickly gaining popularity. You might even say it’s on trend. In fact, according to a 2012 survey, seven percent of polled Americans consider themselves vegan. That’s even more than those who eat a vegetarian diet. If you are curious about veganism, but are nervous about making it work as a beginner vegan, here are some helpful tips to get you going.

You Don’t Have To Go Vegan Overnight

If you’ve spent your lifetime eating eggs, cheese, and meat, cutting it all out overnight may be a bit of a shock, and also very hard to maintain. While some people do simply become vegan over the course of a day, for some it is a years-long process. Many choose to start by only being vegan at home, going vegetarian, or cutting out animal products from their diet one at a time, whenever it feels right.

Think Of It As A Journey

Many people get so caught up in the rules of vegan eating that it can make them anxious. Many a beginner vegan has gotten caught up wondering if they are doing it right or if they are vegan enough. However, veganism is not something you can win or lose at, but a constantly evolving process through which you choose to make ethical and healthy choices. There is no finish line.

You Don’t Need To Make A Big Announcement

Often, others can make it difficult for us to make any sort of lifestyle change. Whether it’s something as small as wearing something you might normally not, or as big as changing your entire lifestyle, ultimately other people will have their judgments and opinions about it. It might be important for a beginner vegan to start quietly, focusing only on what makes them happiest and feel their best. Remember, regardless of what misconceptions or judgments anyone has about your diet, you are in control of what you eat, buy, and choose to do or not do.

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