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Slow Cooking is a Great Summer Alternative

In recent years, using a slow cooker has become a very popular alternative to traditional means of crafting family cuisine. Perhaps due to the low maintenance required and the minimal amount of preparation time that is required (you simply let your food cook throughout the day and after school or work, a delicious meal is ready to go), more and more people are turning to slow cooker recipes – particularly during the winter. And while firing up the grill and making some delicious barbecue for your friends and family may be synonymous with summer, why not think outside the box and consider some fun summer recipes that require little more than your own creativity and that slow cooker collecting dust until the weather once again gets cold.

Your “Secret” Grill

Okay, so you can’t bear to give up all the deliciousness of your favorite summer grill recipes … No problem! You can easily surprise your guests by using your slow cooker as a form of grill – something most people may never have considered. Since your traditional grill is ideal for those amazing, “fall-off-the-bone ribs,” seasoned pork chops, and chicken, combine the slow cooker’s use with your grill for a “best of both worlds” cooking practice that will surprise everyone. Use your slow cooker to pre-cook your tougher cuts of meat or chicken, then marinade and put on the grill to solidify that smoky flavor that you know you love.

Don’t Forget Your Vegetables

While we have already made a pretty good case for using your slow cooker to pre-cook your various meats for a “hybrid” form of cooking that also includes your trusty barbecue grill, you can’t forget the healthiest part of your meal – the vegetables. Well, if you’re used to using your slow cooker during the winter for different hearty soups and stews, you’re already familiar with putting those veggies in the slow cooker. Try steaming some of your favorite seasonal vegetables, while grilling your fresh corn-on-the-cob on the grill … then dice them all together for a summer salad that combines the steamed veggies with the smoky effect of the corn.

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