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Spring Forward with Healthier Snacks

The warm weather is coming and now is the traditional time for annual spring cleaning. It’s also a great time to take that mindset and adapt it to your own health and well-being! As spring brings us numerous varieties of delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables, try to make it a practice to create healthy eating habits by indulging in all the natural snacks that the springtime as to offer.

Snacking on Veggies is Always in Season

Although every season has delicious and healthy vegetables you can be using as your “go-to” snack, spring’s offerings can be both particularly tasty and beneficial. The next time you’re preparing snacks to take to work, or looking for some healthy eating habits to incorporate into your evening meal, both artichokes and asparagus are excellent sources of nutrients that can be incredibly versatile when it comes to recipes. Artichokes are especially easy to prepare: simply cut the outer leaves away, wash it thoroughly to remove any excess dirt or leftover soil, cut the stem and boil it in salted water for 20 to 30 minutes. In the case of asparagus, not only is it loaded with vitamins and minerals, but is equally easy to prepare; they’re also fantastic grilled, roasted, or sauteed. And both artichokes and asparagus are excellent for lunch or snack salads, or in pasta!

Fruits Are Great Snacks or Desserts

Springtime is ideal for shaping healthy eating habits, as it has even more to offer in the way of delicious fruits that are incredibly healthy alternatives for you as both an all-day snack or as a perfect dessert option. Although avocados are most closely associated with summer (particularly the growth popularity of guacamole), they are actually in season come springtime. Avocados are unique in that they supply you with unsaturated fats and nutrients that make them ideal substitutes for cheese or mayo on your sandwiches and burgers. Oh, and yes — they’re fruits! On the dessert side, strawberries are in season this time of year, and are not only delicious on their own, but — being an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium — can be the healthiest ingredient in fruit salads.

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