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Summer Grilling For Your Healthier Diet

During the summer months, there is no cuisine that is more popular (and synonymous with the beautiful weather) than firing up your barbecue and using your grill. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that most grilling options are unhealthy, or counterproductive to your healthy lifestyle. If you avoid a few common mistakes and approach your grill with freshness and these tips in mind, you and your family can enjoy lazing outside with your favorite barbecue options with less guilt and more fitness!

Sauces and Sugar Content

First and foremost, let’s consider not the main entrée of your barbecue cuisine, but the added sugar that is often a given with most grill recipes – meat rubs and smoky sauces. When it comes to avoiding sugar, less is always better, but not at a cost of flavor. By use a basting brush and only applying a small amount of sauce at a time, you’ll carefully burn off many of the carbohydrates that equal fat; the smoky flavor of the sauces will already work themselves into the meat you’re grilling, so everything will still turn out delicious. But keep in mind, you’ll want to be sure to use your sauces right before the meat is done cooking, successfully preventing the sugars from caramelizing, meaning you get all the flavor while stay on-point with your healthy lifestyle.

Responsible Grill Work

Even though using a grill for barbecue cuisine is one of the easier forms of cooking, most of the mistakes that people seem to make come from lack of proper preparation, counter the other elements you monitor in your healthy lifestyle and diet. While it may not lessen the calorie content, fresh ingredients properly washed and cooked with clean utensils will guarantee a healthier experience for you and your family. This is especially important when it comes to raw meat and vegetables that have been freshly picked. Also, make sure you are properly cleaning your grill after each and every use. This is not only for your own safety (grease build-up is highly dangerous), but your food will be more flavorful and contain less fatty residue.

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