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Yes, Soup for You!

A great way to keep warm during the winter season is with a bowl of soup, so it is fitting that National Soup month is in January. Flu season is in full effect during this time of year, making soup a hot commodity. The warm combination of chunky meat and vegetable soup has been used as a cold remedy for children and more as a tasty dish for adults. Soup has been around for many years, so it has an interesting history. Check out these three benefits of eating soup that everyone should know. 


Soup can be flavorful and satisfying to your taste buds. It is usually eaten as a comfort food or as an appetizer to get your taste buds ready for a full meal. Soup also is an awesome side dish that will compliment main dishes such as sandwiches. There are many healthy ingredients you can add and mix into soup to add flavor.


Soup can be filling and satisfy your appetite. It also helps to prevent you from overeating. For dieters, you should eat soup before dinner to give you a healthy appetizer. This will give your stomach enough food beforehand so you won’t be starving and overeat at dinner.


Making soup is usually more affordable than making other meals. It is simple and easy to make as well. Just go to Hearn Kirkwood and buy some lean meat, vegetables, fruits, broth, and water. You can use these ingredients to feed friends and family.


Soup contains many health benefits. You can make soup with many healthy protein options such as lean meats. Chicken noodle soup is a classic option to stop a cold or flu. This soup helps soothe your throat and is known to assist your cilia in blocking germs from entering through your nose.


Soup has many healthy choices that everyone can enjoy. For seafood lovers, clam chowder soup is one of many seafood soups that provide numerous health benefits. Soup can also be a go-to meal for vegetarians. For vegetarians, try making a roasted apple butternut soup. This soup goes down smoothly and pairs well with a salad or warm bread.

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