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Halloween Candy Alternatives

Whether you don’t want Halloween candy in your home (because it is too much temptation) or you don’t like to give out candy, you may be looking for some alternatives. But what are some great Halloween candy alternatives that aren’t pieces of fruits or a rock? Let’s take a look!

Prepackaged Snacks

If you want to give away something that isn’t sugar-filled, you should consider some prepackaged snacks. Today, the Halloween snack industry isn’t just filled with processed sugar. You can also find snacks like single serving pretzels, juice boxes, cheese sticks, granola bars, and dried fruits. Just make sure to keep these items sugar-free!

Temporary Tattoos

When could be more fun than getting Halloween tattoos? Temporary tattoos are fun for all ages and can be found cheaply at Halloween stores. You can find everything from butterflies and princesses to pirates and superheroes. These tattoos can be extra fun with glitter and even glow-in-the-dark tattoos.


Forgo candy altogether and give the kids in your neighborhood some fun surprises with some toys. Go to your local bulk store or the dollar store for some fun toys like packages of Play-doh, bubbles, plastic jewelry, and glow-sticks for a great candy alternative.

Just because Halloween has been converted into a candy holiday doesn’t mean you have to stick to the sweets. Do your own thing and give your neighborhood kids something else to play with besides candy. For more information on some pretty sweet (and healthy) Halloween candy alternatives, check back for our weekly blogs!

Halloween Candy Alternatives with Hearn Kirkwood

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