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6 Facts About Coffee

With National Coffee Day next week (on September 29th), we thought we would take a moment to examine this delectable beverage that is so popular. So, let’s get to it!

Coffee Fact 1: Goats Go Nuts Over It

According to an Ethiopian legend, shepherds first realized the profound caffeinating effects of coffee when they noticed their goats started dancing after eating some of the coffee berries.

Coffee Fact 2: Coffee is Nutritious

A single cup of coffee contains a lot of nutrients. One cup has 11 percent of the daily recommended amount of Riboflavin (or vitamin B2), 6 percent of Pantothenic Acid (or vitamin B5), 3 percent Manganese and Potassium, and 2 percent of Niacin and Magnesium. Talk about healthy!

Coffee Fact 3: The Coffee Belt

All of the coffee in the world is grown in what is called “the coffee belt.” This belt contains all of the regions that have the conditions needed for coffee to grow. Since the plants enjoy lots of sunshine and warmth, it is often found in tropical regions.

Coffee Fact 4: Coffee is a Red Berry

Before coffee forms little black beans, they are actually red berries that grow on trees. The “bean” is actually the pit inside the berry. These beans are also referred to as seeds because of their ability to grow new plants.

Coffee Fact 5: Coffee Houses Were Banned in England for a Time

Coffee houses were banned in England in 1675. King Charles II of England banned coffee shops because he thought people were gathering there to conspire against him.

Coffee Fact 6: Black Ivory Coffee is Made from Poop

The most expensive coffee in the world is actually made from dung. Black Ivory coffee is considered a delicacy and it is actually made from elephant dung. The average cost for this coffee is $50 per cup. Another coffee called Luwak or Civet is made from feeding coffee beans to mongoose and using their dung to make the coffee. This coffee averages $160 per pound of coffee.

Why not pick yourself up some delicious coffee to help celebrate National Coffee day!

Celebrating National Coffee Day with Hearn Kirkwood

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