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Calling All Fall Fruits

Fall may be synonymous with hoodies, Halloween, and pumpkin flavored everything. But what about all of the delicious fall fruits and vegetables? Growers everywhere have been working all spring and summer to produce the best produce around just for you. So in case you have forgotten about the delicious fruit about to hit the local farmer’s market, let’s take a look at some of our favorite fall fruits.


Apples are the best whether they are in the classic American apple pie or squished to make apple cider. While these sweet, juicy fruits are available all year long, they are in season during the fall months. In the Northern Hemisphere, apples are harvested late summer through the fall.


Cranberries are a berry that is native to North America and grown throughout New England and the upper Midwest region. These berries are often found in fields that are flooded when it is harvest season. Cranberries are not often found in a raw state but are often sold processed into jams, sauces, and snacks.


Fall is the second season for these beloved fruits. Figs are often found in stores around Thanksgiving and are often used to make desserts. Popular in ancient Rome and Greece, these delicacies are a fall favorite even in modern times.


Grapes ripen toward the end of the summer where they grow best. There are many different types of grapes for you to choose from. From the tart green seeded variety to cotton candy grapes, there is a grape for every taste.


The cousin of apples, pear season runs from mid-summer into winter. Pears are often found in fruit salads or just eaten.


Pomegranates only ripen in warmer climates but are often in season starting in October and ending in December. These seeded beauties are tart and delicious.

Pumpkin (Not Spices)

Pumpkin is one of the most common winter squashes. They come into season in September and are often found carved into Jack-O-Lanterns. These fruits are also good in pies, roasted, or just eating the seeds.

Fall Fruits with Hearn Kirkwood

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