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Tips for a Healthier Lunch

Packing lunches is perhaps the worst part of working. Thinking about all the things in your refrigerator and all leftovers can be tiresome. But taking your lunch is a better option than buying your lunch every day. Whether you are gathering tips for your child’s lunches or just want to feel better about taking a lunch to work, there is no better time than now to make a healthier lunch. Let’s take a look at some tips for a healthier lunch.

Tip 1: Invest in Better Containers

The first thing you should do is invest in a better set of lunch containers. The right containers will make your lunch look more satisfying. Instead of putting things in plastic baggies, opt for heavy duty plastic containers. Putting sandwiches in plastic bags can mean a squished mess by lunch time and a cheap plastic container can melt in the microwave or leak and crack in transport. Invest in a more sustainable container and something that will last you a long time.

Tip 2: Plan and Prep Meals on Sundays

Things get hectic during the week, so why not prepare ahead of time? As the week goes on, you may find excuses not to pack your lunch and instead substitute for an unhealthy hamburger from your favorite fast food place. Solve the problems by eliminating the excuses and pack your lunches ahead of time. Plan a week’s worth of on Sunday and pack them up so they are ready to go every morning.

Tip 3: Use Staples

Staple ingredients like chicken, tofu, grains, and steamed veggies are often sold in bulk and can be mixed and matches so you aren’t eating the same food every day. Use different spices, sauces, and various other ingredients to mix things up. Take foods like grilled chicken and broccoli and repurpose it into a delicious stir fry, salad, and pasta with just a few additions.

Tip 4: Stretch Out Leftovers

If you are cooking dinner, why not stretch your meal by cooking a few more portions? Cooking a few more portions will give you an easy lunch for the next day or so and will give you some variety. If you are making pasta, cook a few extra portions and use them to beef up your salad, in another pasta dish, or with your staples for a delicious and cost effective variety. This will also help you stay on budget and allow you to eat something new for lunch every day!

Making a Healthier Choice with Hearn Kirkwood

Hearn Kirkwood is a privately held Food Service Distributor specializing in produce, meat, poultry, dairy, and fresh seafood. We purchase 90% of our fresh produce direct from California, Florida, Texas, etc. with the balance supplied by local markets. We are located within one mile of Route 295 and I95 providing us with easy access to Baltimore, Washington, and Virginia. For more information on our services, call Hearn Kirkwood today!

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