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What Not to Pack in Your Child’s Lunchbox

A trip to the grocery store this week may seem like a great idea in gearing up for school. But the grocery store could prove to be a disastrous plan if you are choosing the wrong foods for your child’s lunchbox. There are many different foods that may seem like a good idea for lunch that can be bad for your child. Let’s take a look at some “kid” food that you should not pack in your child’s lunchbox.

Fruit Roll-Ups

Everyone remembers eating fruit roll-ups as a child. Whether you liked the foot-long version or the one with the shapes, these sugary snacks were a real treat for any child. But are they really appropriate for your child’s lunchbox? The answer: no. While the calorie count is relatively low, these snacks are full of sugar, trans fats, and artificial colors, which could lead to hyperactivity in kids. Instead of buying some from the store, make your own or try an all-natural fruit leather instead.

Juice Pouches

Juice pouches may seem like the best option of drinks for your kids during lunch. But many juice pouches contain high-fructose corn syrup and as little as 10 percent of juice. Instead of falling for the clear bottoms and pretty packaging, choose something that says 100 percent juice or just pack water instead.

Packaged Lunches

While packaged lunches may seem like the perfect “go-to” options for those crazy mornings, these lunches are full of processed foods, saturated fat, salt, and sugar. Instead of grabbing one of these before a quick dash out of the house, pack your lunches the night before or keep quick meals on hand.

Foods That Spoil Quickly

Leftovers may seem like a healthy option. Think about it: you know where all the food came from and how it was prepared, right? So why not put it in your child’s lunchbox? But when a lunchbox is sitting in a locker or bookbag all day without refrigeration, this once delicious meal can quickly become a spoiled mess. Kids are more susceptible to foodborne illnesses than adults. So if you choose to pack leftovers, make sure to pack an ice pack with it.

These are just some of the foods you should avoid when packing your child’s lunchbox for school. For more information on making healthy lunches, check out our weekly blog!

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