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Why You Should Be Using Your Slow Cooker this Summer

Summer is the time for pool parties and relaxing in the cool air inside your home. But when dinner time rolls around, it can be hard to pick out something to cook when everything you do will heat up the inside of your home. So before turning the knobs on your oven, let’s take a look at an alternative method of cooking: a slow cooker. A slow cooker will cook your food while you are relaxing in the air conditioning without heating up your home. Let’s take a look at three reasons you should be using a slow cooker this summer.

Makes Grilled Meat Better

While most slow cookers are thought of as a meal-in-one machine, these mystical machines can also help you grill your meat. If you want to make fall-off-the-bone ribs, pork chops, or perfectly cooked chicken on the grill, a slow cooker will help you get it there. Use your slow cooker to pre-cook tough cuts of meat before finishing them off on the grill for that smoky finish.

Eating Healthier

Since slow cookers have been deemed as a winter tool, most people associate them with hardy, fattening meal usually used to satisfy during the cold winter months. But a slow cooker can actually be used to cook healthier, lighter meals in the summer including vegetables. From caramelizing onions for fajitas to making slow cooker ratatouille, your slow cooker’s abilities are unlimited.

Keeping Your House Cool

Few things are worse than wasting money and every time your turn on your oven and heating up your home, you are tossing money into the waste bin. Using your slow cooker to cook all of your favorite recipes, and even some new ones, will help keep your money in your wallet and your home at the perfect temperature.

Eat and Go

Whether you work outside in the heat all day, have a long commute, or have activities with your kids all day, cooking a long meal can definitely drain you of your energy during the summer. But with a thought out meal prepared in the slow cooker the night before, you will be able to enjoy your evening without having to cook or clean up a bunch of separate dishes. Avoid the dishpan hands and enjoy a nice evening relaxing by putting all of your meal components in one slow cooker.

Slow cookers will free up your time and can turn a few ingredients into a deliciously slow cooked meal. For more information on eating healthier and smarter this summer, check out our other blog posts!

Using a Slow Cooker with Hearn Kirkwood

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