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The Best Foods for After Your Workout

Summer is the perfect time for shaping up and enjoying the beautiful weather, but summer is also the perfect time for in-season produce and delicious post-workout snacks. If you struggle to find the right thing to snack on after you step off the trail, here are some of our best tips for eating after your workout.

A Healthy Wrap

For an awesome combination of carbs and protein after your workout, make a simple whole wheat wrap with turkey and fresh vegetables. The fiber in the wrap and vegetables will help to fill you up and aid your body with refueling post-workout. A filling wrap will also help you avoid eating too much later in the day when the hunger from your workout kicks in. The protein in the turkey will also help your body to repair muscle damage that occurs during workouts and build more muscle in the future.

A Quick Snack

Do you struggle to eat much after you’re done with your run? A quick snack will do the trick and help your body to refuel. An orange and a handful of almonds is a great way to get your body back on track and help you be a little less hungry later in the day. Almonds are packed with good protein and fat to keep you full and help your muscle. Oranges are a great way to rehydrate and enjoy a sweet treat after the run is done.

A Breakfast in the Middle of the Day

Breakfast foods are some of the best foods that you can eat after a workout, including eggs and beans. Black beans are full of fiber and slow-burning carbohydrates, and peppers and fresh vegetables add a punch of vitamins. Eggs are full of protein to help build and repair your muscle and also add some healthy fats to your plate.

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