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Corn on the Cob as a Perfect Summer Treat!

With summer in full swing, one of the healthiest and most versatile foods that you can munch on is fresh corn on the cob. Aside from being a perfect side-dish all on its own, the options for preparing different variations are nearly endless. As summer marks the very best time of year for sweet corn to add both healthiness and color to your dinner options, here are a few creative ways that you can mix it up for family and friends.

Local Corn is a Fresh Snack

In some areas of the country, it isn’t uncommon to see people eating fresh corn as a standalone snack right on a stick. That’s because freshly plucked corn is the sweetest and healthiest way to eat it. As soon as an ear of corn is plucked from its stalk, its sugars begin converting to starch, becoming tougher and slightly hard to chew. Buying local corn that was freshly picked always guarantees the very best taste. When shopping around your local farm stand or farmer’s market, make it a point to select ears of corn that are good and heavy, and have pale golden silks that are nearly damp. These two tips will always lead to the freshest selection. Also, resist the temptation to peel back the stalks until you’re ready to use the full ear in a recipe, as corn that isn’t perfectly wrapped soon begins to wilt and lose its natural sweetness. Ideally, you should buy your corn on the same day you plan to cook it.

Grilled Corn is the Best Summer Treat

Although there are numerous ways that corn on the cob can be prepared – steaming seems to be the most popular – grilling it up outside is a perfect treat to complement your summer barbecue. Not only with the flavors of your other grilled items leave a delicious, smoky flavor to the ears of corn, but it will also add just the right amount of crunch to the kernels.

Without having to prepare the cumbersome pot to steam the corn, you can make the entire meal nice and easy by grilling everything together – which also ensures that the full meal is ready at approximately the same time. To add your fresh corn on the cob to a barbecue meal, simply prepare a medium-high (400°F to 475°F) charcoal or gas grill fire for the direct grilling. After you have properly shucked the corn, add it to the flame and be sure to turn each one occasionally, until charred in places and crisp-tender. It should take just under 10 minutes – about the same at a good steak or chicken!

Prepare for the Healthiest You Can Be!

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