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What to Eat Pre and Post Workout

There are foods that will give you energy, and foods that will zap it all away. Some foods support muscle growth, others make you pack on the pounds. So what are some things you can eat before and after you work out that will support your fitness goals? Here are a few ideas.


Greek yogurt and trail mix: The yogurt is easy on your stomach, and the trail mix gives your body a little extra kick to help you get through your workout. Be sure to choose a trail mix that is mostly dried fruits and nuts, with as little filler as possible. Sorry, no little chocolate chips!

Smoothies: Smoothies are great because they’re quick, easy, and completely customizable. You can add whatever you want to best support your unique workout needs.

Oatmeal with fresh fruit: Oatmeal will never let you down; it will stick with you through your entire workout. Add some fresh fruit to your oatmeal too to add some hydration to this delicious meal.

Apple wedges with almond butter: Apples will give you energy, but not a sugar crash. Pair your apple with some unsweetened almond butter to make it a tad more filling.


Grilled chicken and mixed veggies: The lean protein of the chicken will help your body recover. The veggies help you feel full without feeling bloated. Veggie omelet with avocado: The eggs are full of protein, which supports muscle recovery and growth. The avocado is a great source of healthy fat and will help your body absorb all the vitamins in the yummy veggies.

Salmon with sweet potato: Sure, salmon has lots of protein, but it also has bioactive peptides. These tiny protein molecules help reduce inflammation, which helps your body regulate insulin levels. It also supports joint health. Sweet potatoes supply the carbs and help replenish your body’s glycogen levels, which can get depleted during a workout.

Tuna fish, spinach, hummus and whole wheat bread sandwich: Tuna is low in calories but high in protein. Hummus is high in fiber, and just generally better for you than mustard or mayonnaise. Spinach is a delicious super-food addition to this nutrient- packed sandwich.

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