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Summertime Exercises for a Healthier You

During the cold winter months you told yourself that you’d work hard for that summertime beach body. And now, summertime is here. But, it is never too late to create a healthier version of yourself. With more daylight and better weather, exercising outdoors in the summertime is a great alternative to the gym. Beautiful, warm summer days are the perfect time to get some vitamin D while exercising. Check out these fun summertime exercises that will get you moving.

Go for a Hike

Trekking up a mountain is one of the best exercises for your body. It works all of your legs muscles, while also working on cardio. This is a great opportunity to be active with your friends and family. You’ll burn calories while spending one-on-one time with your hiking partners. If you’re looking to save some money, hiking is also completely free! Check out state parks and other hiking routes in your area and hit the trails on the next sunny summer day.

Walk the Neighborhood

If you’re a beginner, walking is the perfect place to start exercising. While you may not be running a marathon, you are being healthier than everyone else who is sitting on the couch. Bring your dog, a friend, your favorite music, or just enjoy nature while on your walk. Try walking at different parks in your area for a change in scenery. Walking in the cooler evening hours after a long day at work can also help to relieve any stress, while beating the summer heat, too.

Play Tennis

Whether you’re Serena Williams or you have never touched a racket, tennis is great exercise, especially if you have a competitive side. All you need is a friend, a few tennis balls, and a racket. Most tennis courts in communities are free- you may want to check out your local high school’s courts (which are usually open to the public in the summertime). Tennis is a great activity for any age group and is a really great, healthier alternative activity than just hanging out around the house on a Sunday afternoon. And you never know, chasing balls around the court might be more exercise than you previously thought.

Go for a Bike Ride

With the breeze flying past you, a bike ride can be soothing even on the hottest summer day. Fortunately, a lot of areas have bike paths in the woods or around parks that you can ride on for free. You can ride for as long or as short as you want to, getting however intense of a workout you desire. For a healthier alternative to driving, you should also consider riding your bike to the grocery store. Going for a bike ride is one of the best summertime exercises for any type of person looking for an activity.

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