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Tips for Getting Motivated to Exercise

We all go through those slumps where we just don’t have motivation for exercising. Whether you haven’t exercised in years or just hit a minor bump, it can be hard to find your motivation. But with these simply tips, you’ll feel more motivated than ever. Let’s take a look at how you can get motivated!

Treat Yo Self

When it comes to motivation, some people work better with vague goals like to feel better or to lose weight, while others work better with more concrete goals like a reward. Like Ben and Donna from Parks and Rec, it is important to treat “treat yo self.” Whether you choose to treat yourself with a smoothie at the end of a workout or an episode of Parks and Rec. Having something to look forward to will help you get through your exercise even on days where you don’t want to. Over time, the motivation will become intrinsic and your body will begin to associate sweat and the pain with endorphins, making you feel great after a gym session.


Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated to exercise. Stop saying tomorrow, start today!

Positive Thinking Helps

Remember all those times your mom urged you to stay positive? Well, let’s do her proud and think positive thoughts. When you need some motivation to get out of bed and doing to the gym, think about how much better you will feel once you are finished working out or meeting your monthly goal. Visualizing an outcome like losing weight or fitting into that new piece of clothing you bought will help motivate you and even help you overcome things that might be standing in your way.

Be Held Accountable

It is easy to say you are going to do something and to never do it. But if you hold yourself accountable for your lack of exercise, it will help to motivate you in the right direction. Join the world of technology and post your progress online for your friends and family to see. Get a group of friends together a few times a week for a work out and reward afterward. This will help you become accountable for not exercising while making the experience more fun.

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