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Tips for Packing Healthy School Lunches

With the new school year starting, the stress of getting the kids ready for school on time is starting to weigh down on our shoulders once again. In the chaotic early mornings before the school day starts, making a homemade healthy lunch is usually not at the top of our to-do list. And as much as we want our kids to eat healthy at school, we also want to be eating healthy lunches at work or home. Here are some tips on how to pack easy nutritious lunches that will make your mornings go much smoother.

Food Prep

As we know, preparing food the night before or for the whole week is the best way to save time in the mornings. Many people often don’t have time for this type of food prep, but preparing as much as you can before the morning will undoubtedly save you time. Cooking different meats ahead of time is a great way to get protein into everyone’s lunches. Experiment with different spices and flavors, as well as different side dishes, so that every day’s lunch will be different even when using the same protein.

Plan Your Grocery Shopping

If cooking the food ahead of time isn’t always possible for you, at least try to grocery shop on the weekends when you have some extra time to plan ahead meals. When you wake up and have no idea what to pack for lunches, you’ll want to throw together something quick and toss in some pre-made snacks without knowing the nutritional benefits. If you have an idea of healthy recipes you want to make and have the ingredients easily accessible in your fridge, you’ll still save time in the mornings and will know exactly what your children are taking to lunch.

Find Creative Recipes

When your kids see a container of plain fruit or vegetables in their lunch box, they aren’t likely to be excited about their snacks. Finding easy creative recipes, such as energy boosting trail mix or even something as simple as adding some hummus on the side of carrots can be enough to make the lunch more fun and delicious.

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