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8 Most Popular Dishes In Maryland

Maryland is known for its excellent cuisine, especially for their crab and crab cakes. However, there are many other popular dishes throughout the state that are just as loved! From deserts and snacks to chicken and beer, here’s a roundup of the most popular dishes in Maryland.

Berger Cookies

Baltimore is known as the home of the Berger cookie, a beloved dessert coated in thick chocolate icing. The unique cookie is a Maryland staple, and no care package for a homesick Maryland native is complete without a bunch of these delicious cookies.

Smith Island Cake

Another popular dessert in Maryland is the Smith Island Cake, made with multiple layers of yellow butter cake and chocolate fudge icing in between. Marylanders love this cake so much that it was officially declared as the state’s official dessert!

Fisher’s Popcorn

While this snack isn’t tied to the state’s culture or history, it is a fan-favorite and one of the most popular finger foods throughout the state. At Maryland beaches, you’ll likely see this snack in many beach-goers hands while relaxing on the white sand.

Thrasher’s Fries

Thrasher’s french fries are another snack you’ll see on the beaches in Ocean City, as beachgoers snack on buckets of delicious fries on sunny days. Seasoned with your choice of salt or apple cider vinegar, Marylanders will be quick to tell you these are the best fries you can find.

Chicken A La Maryland

Chicken A La Maryland, or Maryland chicken, is one of the oldest recipes in the state- and is still a classic dish today. While it includes fried chicken, it’s prepared in an especially unique way and is made with Maryland’s signature cream gravy.

Natty Boh

National Bohemian beer, or more commonly called “Natty Boh,” is by far the most popular beer in Maryland. The beer was originally brewed in Baltimore, and many Marylanders cherish the locally made beer as a classic drink for any occasion.

Pit Beef

This Maryland creation consists of roast seasoned with salt and grilled on the outside until crispy, remaining rare on the inside. The sandwich is usually served with horseradish and onion on a roll and is a lunch favorite throughout the state.

Old Bay

While not technically a food, people from Maryland love their Old Bay so much that it deserves its own category. Everyone in the state knows about the seasoning, and many put it on as much food as possible. From seafood to popcorn to Bloody Marys, Old Bay is a universal seasoning loved dearly by Marylanders.

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