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Weird (But Delicious) Food Combinations To Try

Everyone has their favorite go-to snack they can eat anytime and any place, but some people love to mix up their snacks to find new food combinations. Some of the food combinations are classics that seem normal to most people, but some foods seem like they should never be put together. Here’s a list of the weirdest food combinations we could find, but people swear are delicious. Would you try any of these off food combinations?

Mango And Peanut Butter Toast

Starting the list off with a pretty tame food combination, mango and peanut butter on toast is likely a very delicious pairing. We know that most fruits taste delicious with chocolate, so why not experiment with peanut butter? Mangos are known to be juicy and sweet, and paired with nutty, salty peanut butter makes a perfect balance. This is one weird food combination everyone should try!

Banana And Bacon

While these two foods may not make a great snack alone, they could be a delicious match on top of waffles or pancakes. In fact, maple bacon waffles or pancakes often come with cut up bananas that cut through the salt and fat of the bacon for an interesting combination.

Prosciutto And Melon

Another meat and fruit combo, the salt and fat of prosciutto is also balanced by the sweet and juicy taste of melon. This pair can even be made into a salad with a mix of spinach and mint for a new spin on a classic meal!

Coke And Chicken Wings

This one may be too adventerous for some people to attempt, but for the daring foodies out there, you may want to give this odd combo a shot! The Coke gives the chicken a tender and sweet flavor and will add something strangely delicious to your favorite wings.

Pickles And Cheddar Cheese

Pickles are a popular ingredient in many odd food combinations, but the weirdest pairing may be a pickle and cheddar cheese sandwich. This sandwich is actually quite popular in England and is even available at many pubs. The aged cheddar cuts the bitterness and saltiness of the pickles, creating a tasty yet unusual snack.

Popcorn and Pickled Jalapenos

Do you ever get tired of eating the same salty popcorn at the movie theater and want to add a new flavor? Popcorn with a few pickled jalapenos will do the trick. Be careful not to eat too many jalapenos at once, as that will surely overpower the snack, but the ratio of a handful of popcorn to one or two jalapeno slices will bring the salty and spicy flavors together nicely.

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