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Healthiest Ingredients To Include In Your Breakfast Smoothie


Smoothies are a great way to start your day, as they can include a significant amount of your daily fruits and vegetables. However, it is also easy to make an unhealthy smoothie without realizing it. Read on for a few of the healthiest ingredients to include in your next breakfast smoothie to start your day off right!


If you are after a high-protein breakfast, there are plenty of ingredients to add to your smoothie rather than protein powder. Unsweetened dairy products are perfect for protein smoothies, including plain soymilk or regular milk, plain yogurt, kefir, and high-protein almond milk. Tofu, lentils, and natural peanut butter or almond butter are also great options! These proteins not only taste delicious, but they also help to make the smoothie more satisfying and keep you full for longer.

Fruits and Vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are great for smoothies, whether they are raw or frozen. If you’re worried about the taste of vegetables overpowering the drink, most fruit will take over the flavor with their sweetness. Choose fruits from berries, pineapple, mango, peaches, bananas, cherries, and more. As for vegetables, carrots, kale, spinach, avocado, or even pumpkin make great additions. Mix and match your favorite fruits and vegetables to find combinations that you enjoy!

Added Flavor

If the fruits and vegetables don’t add enough flavor for your liking, you can add certain ingredients that not only taste great, but have lots of nutritional value as well. Flaxseeds and chia seeds add omega-3s and protein, while old-fashioned oats add healthy fiber. Spices, such as cinnamon or ginger, vanilla extract, and coconut water are also great options to add some flavor to your breakfast.

Ingredients To Avoid

If you are attempting to make a healthy breakfast, you will want to avoid sugary and sweetened ingredients that provide extra calories without many nutrients. This includes sugar-sweetened fruit juice, whipped cream, chocolate milk or syrup, and flavored yogurt. If you are accustomed to adding these ingredients to your smoothie, try making one with the healthy choices listed above, and you may be surprised by how delicious a healthy smoothie tastes!

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