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Easy Side Dishes To Enjoy With Your Dinners This Fall


There are many seasonal vegetables to enjoy during the fall season, but you may find yourself preparing the same side dishes for your meals each week. If you are looking for a few new and delicious side dishes to pair with your dinners this November, look no further!

Roasted Carrots

You may not think of carrots as a typical side dish to a fall meal, but when roasted with parsnips and herbs, the vegetable becomes the perfect side! Oven roasting brings out the sweetness in the carrots, and makes an ideal pairing for any roasted meat, from chicken to a Thanksgiving turkey.

Green Bean Casserole

You may typically only have green bean casserole on Thanksgiving, but you can enjoy a version of the dish at any time during the fall. There are plenty of ways to make the dish vegetarian or vegan to make it healthier, while still keeping the creamy texture and crunchy fried onion topping. For example, substitute vegan margarine and nutritional yeast in place of milk and cream to create a lighter side.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Put a seasonal spin on a simple Brussels sprouts dish by adding dried cranberries, butternut squash, and pecans. Roast the vegetables with olive oil and toss with the cranberries and pecans to create the perfect fall dish that the whole family will love!

Pumpkin Dumplings

If you are looking for different pumpkin dishes to try this November, you need to try pumpkin dumplings! They may be a little unusual, but they will be a hit for all the pumpkin-lovers in your family. Use fresh pumpkin for the best taste, but canned pumpkin puree can also be used for those short on time.

Mushrooms Bordelaise

When servings a traditional steak dinner or roasted beef, a side of mushrooms Bordelaise will hit the spot. The earthy, rich mushrooms will enhance the flavors of any roasted beef, and when paired with mashed potatoes and a green vegetable, you will have a tasty and hearty meal for a cold night. Pair with a glass of red wine for the full effect and enjoy a delectable dinner!

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