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How To Break Your Unhealthy Eating Habits


As many of us are working towards goals of incorporating healthier habits into our daily lives, it can be very difficult to break old unhealthy habits, especially when it comes to food. You can be very disciplined with your exercise routines, but likely have gone back to a few bad eating habits along the way. This is because our eating habits become second nature, so reaching for an afternoon soda or having a few cookies for dessert becomes ingrained in your brain. If you struggle with breaking unhealthy eating habits, continue reading for a few tips.

Clean Kitchen

While you may not think your home’s cleanliness affects your food choices, a study found being in a messy kitchen caused people to eat 40 percent more food than those in a clean kitchen. Those who were in a cluttered kitchen with dirty dishes and mail left all over the counters ate about twice as many calories than those in a put-together kitchen with no mess. Another study showed a similar result, as people in a tidy office were more inclined to choose a healthy snack over junk food. To keep yourself from unnecessary snacking at home and work, keep your bedroom, kitchen, and desk areas clean and organized.

Keep Snacks Out Of Sight

Everyone snacks during the day, and eating between meals is completely normal. However, unhealthy snacks that you shouldn’t eat every day should either be kept out of sight or should be kept out of your home altogether. For example, storing bags of chocolate and candy at home isn’t necessary, and will only make it harder for you to give up the snacks. Instead, buy smaller quantities of your favorite snacks and store them in cabinets so you won’t be tempted. Also, keep healthy snacks (that you enjoy) at your desk to stop yourself from buying a candy bar from the vending machine when you get hungry. Replacing junk food with fresh fruits is a great place to start, as you’re 70 percent more likely to eat produce than an unhealthy snack if it is readily available.

Sound Off

Did you know that people who can hear themselves chew tend to eat less than those who are wearing headphones or watching TV? A study found that people who were distracted by music or television ate more food in a sitting, as they were less aware of the sound of the food. The other group had no sounds on while eating, and ate significantly less crunchy food. The next time you want a snack while watching TV, hit pause while you eat. The more you’re aware of the food you’re eating, the more you can listen to your body to know when you’re full.

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