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Healthier Ways To Drink Coffee


For the majority of people, coffee is part of their morning routine, and many people drink more than one cup a day. Coffee can be good for you and provide antioxidants, but using artificial sweeteners and creamers is not a healthy way to consume coffee. If you love coffee and want to learn a few healthier ways to enjoy your favorite drink, we’ve got a few tips!

No Artificial Sweeteners

You may assume that artificial sweeteners are better than pure sugar because they’re calorie free, but artificial sweeteners aren’t as healthy as they seem. These sweeteners are associated with various health problems, including long-term weight gain. Stevia is a natural alternative, but it’s healthiest to try not to use any sweeteners at all.

No Artificial Creamers

Artificial creamers may taste great, but they are highly processed and full of unnatural and unhealthy ingredients. If you need some type of milk or cream in your coffee, try full-fat cream from grass-fed cows. High-fat dairy products may not sound like they’re very healthy, but studies show that they’re associated with a reduced risk of obesity.


Cutting out sugar in coffee can be difficult, but there are plenty of other things to add to your coffee for flavor and sweetness! For example, cinnamon mixes very well with coffee and is perfect for those looking for added flavor. Cinnamon is a healthy option and lowers blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides in diabetics.

Almond or Coconut Milk

For those who are dairy-free or just looking for coffee creamer alternatives, almond and coconut milk are great options. Unsweetened almond milk is low in calories while providing enough flavor that you likely won’t need to add any sugar. Almond milk is also free of cholesterol, high in Vitamin E, and contains a significant amount of calcium. Many varieties of coconut milk are strained to remove some fat, so you can easily find this milk low in calories as well. Coconut milk is great for nourishing the digestive lining and contains acid that replenishes your body with energy and electrolytes.

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