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How To Eat Healthier For National Nutrition Month

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Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? The campaign is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and focuses on raising awareness about nutrition and health education. As we enter the third month of the year, many people are slipping with their healthy new year’s resolutions, but Nutrition Month is here to change that! Continue reading for some inspiration and tips on how to make healthier food choices this year.

Find Foods You Enjoy

We know that eating fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet, but eating a bland salad every day for lunch can get boring quickly. When you aren’t excited about your snack or lunch, you’re more likely to head to the snack bar or vending machine. The trick to eating healthy is to find healthy foods that you actually enjoy eating, rather than foods that don’t leave you feeling satisfied. Look for create recipes, or try out a few recipes of your own, to incorporate more of your favorite healthy foods into your diet.

Portion Control

Portion control is a common problem in America, as restaurants often serve meals that most people could never finish is one sitting. Do some research about appropriate portion sizes, and balance what you eat and drink. Balance is the keyword to a nutritional diet, meaning you should continue to eat healthy amounts of starchy foods, dairy (or dairy alternatives,) meat or other protein, and drink plenty of fluids. Remember that how much of what you eat is just as important as what you eat.

Be Active

While eating smart is essential for a healthy lifestyle, being active is just as important. Aim for being active for about 30 minutes every day to use the foods you eat and build muscle. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, find a workout-buddy or sign up for a group class. You’re much more likely to attend a class that you’ve paid for or go to the gym when you know a friend is counting on you to show up. Also, make sure you do activities you enjoy, whether that’s a dance class, yoga, or soul cycle. For those with busy work lives, try taking a short walk during lunch or after dinner to stay active every day.

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