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Unique Easter Food Traditions From Around The World


Food is a significant part of the Easter holiday, and traditions vary all over the world. In the U.S., children identify candy and chocolate with the Easter bunny, as well as hard-boiled eggs that are often decorated for the springtime holiday. While there are no strict traditions for Easter dinner, ham is the common dinner centerpiece in America. Continue reading to learn about interesting food traditions from all around the world!

Giant Omelet In France

In the town of Bessieres, France, about 10,000 people get together to make a giant omelet made of over 15,000 eggs every Easter Monday. Forty cooks mix the fresh eggs in a large four-meter pan with long sticks, as thousands watch and enjoy the unique holiday tradition. The tradition comes from a funny moment in history when Napoleon Bonaparte ate an omelet made by a local innkeeper, then ordered everyone in the town to gather all the eggs in the village to make a giant omelet for his army to eat the next day.

Cheese Rolling in Italy

In the town of Panicale, Italy, the Easter tradition is to roll of a nine-pound wheel of Pecorino cheese along village walls. The game is half bowling/half yo-yo, as participants launch the wheel of cheese by using a leather strap with a wooden handle wrapped around it. The person who rolls the cheese through the whole course with the lowest number of tries wins, with the award of taking the cheese home to enjoy!

Red Eggs in Greece

While Easter eggs are painted in various colors and decorations for a fun activity in America, eggs in Greece are only painted red. This is because red is the color of life, and eggs have been a symbol of the renewal of life since ancient times.

Murder Mysteries In Norway

In Norway, Easter is oddly a time for families to read and watch murder mysteries. In fact, the tradition is so serious that milk companies make special cartons with murder series printed on them, and people submit their guesses to the mysteries in exchange for prizes.

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