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4 Of The Healthiest Fruits and Vegetables To Add To Your Diet

We all know that we should be eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, but do you know which foods are best for you? You may be in a routine and eat the same fruits and vegetables with your meals, but you want to make sure you’re getting as many nutrients as possible! Check out this list of the healthiest fruits and vegetables that should become staples in your diet.

Peaches and Nectarines

When we think of fruits with potassium, most of us think of bananas, but what about peaches? Two small peaches or nectarines have more potassium than one banana, and boost nerve and muscle health. The skins also have many health benefits, with antioxidants and insoluble fiber. Also, peaches are perfect for those who want to eat healthily but are craving sweetness, and they can be baked, broiled, or poached to create delicious desserts.


Pineapples are another fruit that can be eaten in many different ways, and are packed with nutrients. One major benefit is bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme that has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and even increase fertility. Whether you eat it frozen, fresh, on the grill, or dried, pineapple should be a staple in your diet!


Broccoli should be included in your lunch or dinner a few times a week, as it’s packed with fiber, which draws cholesterol out of the body, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lutein to protect against cancer. Broccoli is so easy to cook on the stovetop, as it only needs some olive oil, salt, and pepper to enhance any dinner. You can also eat broccoli for breakfast in an omelet, mixed with red pepper and cheese.


Kale and spinach may not be your favorite foods to eat, but they have essential nutrients and minerals that should be in your diet. Kale is one of the healthiest greens you can eat, as it’s packed with vitamin C, which lowers levels of LDL. Spinach is full of carotenoids, which are antioxidants that promote healthy eyes. By cooking these leafy greens, it’s easier to make carotenoids more absorbable by your body, so add them to your omelet or saute with olive oil and garlic for a health boost!

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