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Interesting Facts About Dairy For National Milk Day


Friday, January 11th is National Milk Day in the United States! The date is believed to be the anniversary of the first milk delivery in glass bottles that started in 1878. At Hearn Kirkwood, we offer a wide variety of dairy products, including butter, cheese, milk, yogurt, and more. Call us today for more information on our products, and continue reading for a few fun facts about dairy!

Milk Consumption Around The World

  • As of 2017, New Zealand exported $5.6 billion U.S dollars worth of milk, making up 20.4% of the total milk exports worldwide.

  • Around the world, there are over six billion consumers of milk and milk products.

  • The average American consumed about 25 gallons of milk per year.

  • More than 1,000 new dairy products are introduced every year.

Dairy Cows

  • A cow produces an average of 6.3 gallons of milk daily, or over 2,300 gallons each year. In their lifetime, the average dairy cow will produce about 350,000 glasses of milk.

  • While you may think cows are worth more for their beef, they are actually more valuable for their milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt.

  • One Holstein cow named Robthom Sue Paddy holds the record for producing the greatest amount of milk in one year: 59,298 pounds!

Cheese Facts

  • The first cheese was created by accident over 4,000 years ago. It is believed that the first cheese was made by storing milk in a container lined with an animal’s stomach, and the enzyme from the stomach caused the milk to separate into liquid and solids. The liquid was whey, and the solid was curd- also known as cheese!

  • Do you know how many pounds of milk it takes to make one pound of cheese? 10.

  • More than half of the country’s artisan cheese is made in Wisconsin, as well as over 25% of all cheese in the U.S.

  • Some cheeses are illegal in the U.S. due to safety concerns. If you want to enjoy cheese such as Brie de Meaux, Reblochon, Roquefort, and Camembert de Normandie, you’ll have to travel to France!

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