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Top 4 Food Trends For Summer 2019


While we all have our favorite go-to meals that we make every week, it’s always nice to switch it up and try something new! Each season brings new food trends, and it’s interesting to see which ingredients and techniques are the most popular among chefs and consumers! Read on to learn about the top four food trends of summer 2019!

Floral Flavors

Floral flavors such as lavender and rosemary were trending ingredients and flavors seen at the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show held in New York in June. The floral flavors were found in specialty foods and beverages, including wild rose and strawberry jam and carbonated drinks with pink peppercorn with lemon. Savory herbs may also be found in more sweet products, such as rosemary in cookies or candied nuts.


Plant-based foods are not going away this year- in fact, they are more popular than ever! There is an increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan items, and food suppliers and restaurants are quickly catching on to this trend. You will likely see more options for veggie burgers at your favorite restaurant (or even fast-food chains like Burger King!) Dairy-free ice cream is also a big trend for summer, as huge strides have been made to create creamy, luscious ice cream that is vegan-friendly!

Vegetables Substituted For Carbs

Vegetables are cropping up in gluten-free formulations, as restaurants are using broccoli for pizza crust and suppliers are making cauliflower into chips and crackers. The trend of vegetables being substituted for traditional carbs is expected to continue for a long time, as people are looking for more natural and healthy snack options that still taste delicious! You may find mushroom chips on the aisle of your local grocery store, including Buffalo Shiitake Mushroom Chips.

Indian Accents

Chai, turmeric, and ghee became popular in the U.S. recently, and paved the way for the popularity of more Indian foods and flavors! Regional Indian flavors are growing and making their way into snack options, such as popped chickpea chips with chutney in flavors such as mango and tamarind. Another popular snack you may see as an alternative to popcorn is popped lotus seeds that come in flavors like mango habanero and Himalayan sea salt.

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