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5 Food Trends To Look Out For This Fall


Every season comes with its own food traditions, and fall is no exception. Autumn weather has become synonymous with apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice, but there are new food trends that pop up every year! Read on for five food trends to be on the lookout for this fall.

Cinnamon-Roll Flavor

Pumpkin spice will always be a popular fall flavor, but get ready to see a lot of cinnamon-roll flavored foods and drinks. Ben & Jerry’s have already debuted their vegan Cinnamon Buns ice cream, and cinnamon-roll pie crusts are hitting the grocery stores. If you want a combination of cinnamon and pumpkin, Dunkin’ Donuts currently has a Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Latte on the menu!

Israeli Food

It was predicted that Middle Eastern flavors would be very popular in the US in 2018, but Israeli food is especially popular this season. Now is the time to try shakshuka if you haven’t already, and prepare to see flavors such as sumac, za’atar, and harissa all over restaurant menus! 

The Pegan Diet

The newest dieting trend is called the Pegan diet, which is essentially a combination of eating a Paleo and vegan diet. While the Paleo diet includes meat, seafood, and eggs, the Pegan diet focuses on plant-based foods, good fats, low carbs.

Fruit Charcuterie Boards

As vegetarian diets continue to remain popular, the newest trend in charcuterie boards is a variety of fresh fruit and cheese. Graze boards, or large snacking boards, are also on-trend, and are an excellent investment for those who love to entertain and host dinner parties! 

Food As Straws

As we’ve all heard, plastic straws are a big topic right now, and many restaurants and coffee shops are working to remove all plastic straws from their stores. While consumers are encouraged to use their own reusable straws, most people won’t carry a straw around with them at all times. There has been a significant increase in creative straw production, ranging from collapsable metal straws to using food as straws, such as Starbucks’s pumpkin spice cookie straws! While they may not be the most practical for every drink, they are an eco-friendly solution to plastic straws. We suggest purchasing metal, glass, or any other reusable straw to do your part in reducing plastic waste!

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