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2 Cooking Projects To Make Time For This Weekend

There is still snow on the ground in Maryland, and it looks like this weekend will bring even more snow! One of the best ways to spend a cold weekend indoors is cooking a comforting meal that you’ve always wanted to try. With the whole day open, it’s perfect for taking on a bigger cooking project that you haven’t had time to do during the week! Continue reading for a few cooking projects to try this weekend.

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Most Popular Christmas Dishes By State

The holiday season is synonymous will food, but everyone celebrates in different ways! In the US, Christmas is always accompanied by a large dinner and sweet treats, but each state has its own special dish. Since Hearn Kirkwood makes deliveries on a daily basis to our customers in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, let’s take a look at the most popular Christmas dishes in these states!

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Healthy Cookie Recipes For The Holidays

Along with the holiday season comes all kinds of desserts, and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. While there’s nothing wrong with eating delicious pastries at the holiday parties you attend, there are easy ways to make cookies a little bit healthier! If you’re baking cookies for an event or to give as gifts to friends and family, try one of these healthier recipes (that taste just as yummy!)

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3 Energizing Snacks For Long Work Days

Many workers with 9-5 jobs know the “afternoon slump” very well, as they seem to get tired every day and lose focus around 2 pm. You may feel tired from lack of sleep or too much stress, but your diet also plays a huge role in your energy levels. Instead of pouring another cup of coffee or opening a caffeinated soda, bring these snacks will you for the ultimate energy boost!

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Healthy Recipes To Celebrate National Chocolate Day

This Sunday, October 28th, is National Chocolate Day! This special food day celebrates all things chocolate, as it falls right before the candy-filled holiday Halloween. While it’s fun to indulge with some chocolate candies on Halloween, there are so many healthy and delicious recipes to try! Continue reading for a few tasty chocolate recipes that are good for you.

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Warm Up This Fall With Crockpot Chili

The weather is getting colder, which means it’s time to pull out our crockpots and slow cookers from storage! Crockpot meals are perfect for an easy, delicious dinner, especially when it’s chilly outside and we want a nice warm dinner. Chili is one of the best meals to make for the fall and winter, as it takes little preparation and can be eaten with rice, pasta, cornbread, in a quesadilla, or on its own!

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Healthy Back To School Lunch and Snack Ideas

Now that kids are heading back to school, parents are getting ready for another year of chaotic early mornings. Kids may need to be on the bus by 6 or 7 am, which means that making packing lunches the night before is crucial for a less stressful morning. Continue reading for a few healthy snacks and lunch ideas to prepare ahead of time to ensure your kids eat well at school!

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